Innovator needs demand and countries need innovators.

Every innovator needs demand for their products/services, and all countries need innovators for economic growth.

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Aynampudi Subbarao (AS Rao) is an Innovation Consultant with decades of experience in promoting innovation at different levels. He has worked as an Adviser in the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. He is the co-author of Promoting Innovation in Clusters, Patent IPR Licensing - Technology Commercialisation – Innovation Marketing: Guide Book for Researchers, Innovators and Andhra Entrepreneurs: Past, Present and Future.

Aynampudi Roshan is a business consultant based in the USA. He has an MBA from Clark University. His interests include adopting AI (Artificial Intelligence) and emerging technologies for application in Health care, HR, Marketing, etc.


Andhra Entrepreneurs

This second book by Indian Innovators Association looks at the history of Andhra — this is not a story of Rajas and Sultans but of Entrepreneurs. The market is the battlefield. More specifically, it is about the Farmer Capitalists of Andhra and their technocrat successors.

What is unique about them? They are different; they are neither from the trading community nor from the deserts. The long prologue takes the reader to chapters on the Farmer Capitalists of Andhra, second generation Andhra entrepreneurs, an introduction to the fourth industrial revolution and ends by looking at some opportunities for smart Andhra entrepreneurs.

“Now is the time for successors to farmer capitalists to reinvent farming with tools of the fourth industrial revolution.”


Patent IPR Licensing- Technology Commercialisation – Innovation Marketing

The guide book by Indian Innovators Association will help researchers and innovators to clearly understand the difference between patent licensing, technology commercialization and innovation marketing.
Everything is important but each one is different. Intellectual property is a common thread and the reader is taken through the fundamentals of IPR before explaining each of the three. topics.

“Excited about your research and innovation but why is market unresponsive?”


-Amazon Customer

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Creating Demand for Local Innovations

Innovator needs demand and countries need innovators.

Every innovator needs demand for their products/services, and all countries need innovators for economic growth.

Innovation is the outcome of a complex system governed by a cohesive national strategy, integrating supply-side and demand-side policies.


Top 100 Indian Innovations (2022)

This book is a compilation of Indian Innovations, physical and embodied. Indian Unicorns, business models, commerce & Financial innovations are widely covered by media. Not much is known about product innovations, and the innovators behind product innovations are relatively unknown. This will be the first book that fills the gap. It is intended as yearbook to the published every year.


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